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The Wheel of Christian

The Wheel of Christian


Dear brothers in this world of everchanging technology that is today’s tip and tomorrow is already obsolete because something better is  available or because our needs have changed, in societies where people interact only on business, in a world convulsed by poverty, war and injustice;  it is refreshing to share with you something that does not change, that is constant and that is within reach with the sole desire to accept Christ as Lord and Savior  .  He has been, He is and will be with each of us believers until the end of time. 

 Today I share with you a dynamic that has helped me transform my life and walk with Christ over the past 17 ​​years.  And to illustrate I would ask you to visualize a wheel. 

 In principle we would need an axis which is constituted by Jesus, this is the origin and center on which rests the whole dynamic of work of a wheel, it is therefore the most important point for proper operation.  Then we found the spokes which should be at least four, these are: prayer, study, community and service to others. 

  Prayer: It is what allows us to communicate with God and to know him better, as it happens in any interpersonal relationship is talking to the person as we come to know.  The Bible Study: It helps us to walk the paths of justice and love that God has destined for us which are not always free of problems but always accompanied by the perfect solution, but knowing the origin we can understand the present and prepare for the future according to the plans of our loving God community. living in community allows us to share with other brothers the joy of living according to the gospel and is here that we can implement those lessons learned and the different gifts bestowed on each one of us and this is for the sole purpose of being useful to the brother in need and at the same time be helped when one is the brother who is in need, we should not understand this need as material only because it can also be an Spiritual one. The service: this is what allows us to give to others what one day we receive through service of other brothers, is the act of presenting Christ himself to those who do not yet know through the different ministries that you can collaborate in parishes or lay associations. 

 As we can see, we already have the axle and wheel structure now we will proceed to place the wheel body which is constituted by our testimony of Christian life, which should reflect everywhere and at all times the principles of love and justice that Jesus shows us and finally we will put the traction on this wheel which is provided by the Holy Spirit because without his action in our life we couldn’t get that abundant life which the Holy Scriptures speak about.