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¿Do you want to support our efforts with a contribution?

Purpose of the contribution:
To become a spiritual and economic support so that we continue to preach the truth of the gospel. If you would like to contribute, we would love your support.

    Asociación casa hogar Rayito de Amor

    Asociación Casa Hogar Rayito de Amor: We focus on carrying out projects to improve the life of the community of the village “Los Paracaidistas”.


    To date we have completed projects like: Building a new Catholic Church, Medical Programs, Baking Courses, Children’s Diner, Community Home, Christmas celebrations, Training for community leaders among many other projects.

    Initial Concepts

    Building a new Catholic Church

    We made sure to build a new Catholic Church for the community.


    We provided training to the community leaders, school board training and the inauguration of NUEFD.


    Inauguration of the shelter and the first children’s diner.


    We promoted baking courses, nursing. Some students had the opportunity to share classes with Canadian exchange students and were able to complete their studies.


    We promote medical programs to maintain the health of each person and we also share Christmas celebrations within the community.

    Water Project

    Management and development of the water project.

    Our support for education

    Students who have been able to complete their studies thanks to “Asociación Casa Hogar Rayito de Amor”